Check Out My New Author Photo!

© Adriano Leme Photography
© Adriano Leme Photography

My friend Adriano—of Adriano Leme Photography (and the designer of my Ashteraiverse/publisher logo)—has been helping me shoot some new author pictures. We might do some more but this one is my favourite of the batch so far. I get to wear my hat and look … well in my head I look like someone plotting, which I am.

Me. Hat. Computer. Done.

Oh and FYI, I always plot. Sometimes a new book, sometimes world domination.

I’ve been meaning to get new headshots done for the last couple of months. Mary Robinette Kowal recommends authors get photos done every couple of years. My last ones were done by a classmate with an SLR and my dog. Now I want to stand on my own two feet, so to speak, rather than being Uni’s silent partner (trust me, she’s the bigger of the two of us, with the larger ego).

Oh and, for fun, here’s my other favourite shot:

© Adriano Leme Photography
© Adriano Leme Photography


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