@FitBit We Need to Talk About Your Watches: I’m on my Third and it’s Dying … Again

First off, I love FitBit. I love the ethos, I love the little display on my Charge HR. I especially love the ability to have a sharp screen and the ability to have my wrist buzz when someone is calling me. As a blind person this last bit is a godsend. I love for texts but that’s another story.

The point is I’m invested in your platform, I’m invested in tracking my sleep and my steps; I feel naked without my FitBit and it’s the one

What I don’t love is that every single year, like clockwork, I need to get my switched out for a new one because of issues with the device.

Year one: A software update bricked my device and when it did work, it began running at the wrong time. It drove me nuts but you replaced it. I was thankful and loved your customer service.

Year two: A crack developed at the bottom of the screen, which eventually began to spill the device’s guts everywhere. Just as I got the replacement, it snapped completely. I had an interesting lesson in electronics that day.

Year three (aka this morning): I realised something felt odd and, yep, to my horror, the device has once again begun to crack. This time down the right side. It’s not going to die tomorrow but the death knell has sounded. That crack is only going to get bigger with use.

Eventually the screen and the band will detach completely.

And, yes, it’s time to contact Customer Support. Hence this blog and this is half the problem.

I wear my FitBit daily, like it’s supposed to be worn. I take it off to shower and to give it a good clean (though the plastic still smells funky :() I sleep in it, I even have a little plastic screen protector to stop the inevitable scratches.

I’ve been a good owner, I’m recommended it to all my friends. I’m a loyal fan.

Once again, basic design flaws in the product mean I have to constantly return to you to sort this out. I actually kept my receipt (which I’d be happy to email over to you) with the reference number on it because I knew this would happen.

Now sell the Charge HR 2 and it looks lovely but I worry the flaws will still be there. Worse I’m concerned, though you’ve never charged me for a replacement in the past, if getting this sorted will mean expenditure. I’m broke and I’m, as already mentioned, very reliant on my Charge HR.

In a world where I have money, I’d like an Apple Watch, if only so I can do all the things FitBit doesn’t but I’m not keen on the tracking. Or the price. Or that fact the new one isn’t out until September. I love the FitBit for its simplicity, for being able to set alarms, tell the time and get my calls. I really do like being able to record my sleep patterns and precisely when the Mighty D, my Bengal, decides it’s time to disturb my slumber.

I love the FitBit for its simplicity, for being able to set alarms, tell the time and get my calls. I really do like being able to record my sleep patterns and precisely when the Mighty D, my Bengal, decides it’s time to disturb my slumber.

It does what I need it to do. Mostly anyway.

But two years of breaking devices (I’ll let you off year one as it was a software issue) and this is getting ridiculous. I’m seriously looking at your biggest competitor just because I know the build quality is better, even if it’s stupidly more expensive.

So, please, tweet me. Let’s talk. I want to stay with you guys but I’m tired of having to do this every ten-twelve months without fail.

Thanks, folks.



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FitBit Charge HR Exercise Data

Screenshot 2016-02-04 22.09.59I went to Zumba last night and this is the data my FitBit Charge HR recorded from the experience. What it doesn’t show is the fifteen minutes preceeding it when I went on a treadmill to do a mission of Zombies, Run! This is how I’ve started warming up and I’ve seen a really drastic difference in how much I can do in Zumba.

I’ve found my Quetiapine doesn’t help my weight (neither does zombie snacking after I take my sleeping medication) so last year I rejoined the gym just around the corner and signed up for my friend Jeanette’s Zumba classes. I got chatting to one of the personal trainers in the gym earlier in the week and we started discussing the FitBit (which I bought earlier in the year and totally love) and tracking your day. I use mine, for example, to make sure I get exercise and enough sleep (too little is bad for my bipolar).

So he asks me what my heart rate gets up to during Zumba.

Me: “Erm 105 maybe.”

Him: “You need to be somewhere in 130-40.”

Me: *snorts with laughter* “Oh wait, you’re serious.”

The thing is, since doing my little warm ups I’ve found I’m actually able to get close. As you can see above (OMVGs, the data you get access to is amazing), I hit 136 at the peak of the really intense songs. I actually started sweating (eww)! But this is, apparently, a good thing. I certainly feel better for really pushing myself, my left knee not so much. The best part, though, is that my brain is turning off and I get an hour to focus on something else other than plots and how much money I owe. Actually though, I tend to find more plot bunnehs that way and solve more kinks in my writing which is an added bonus.

Endorphins are supposed to be good for you and I leave the classes feeling focused (and knackered) which means I want to get a bit of work done or send a story out afterwards. Now if I can just stop eating cheese-covered garlic bread for my supper …

One thing at once eh?

EDIT: 139 get!

Screenshot 2016-02-07 16.14.08

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