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© Adriano Leme Photography
© Adriano Leme Photography

A short bio:

Asha Bardon is a former journalist (writing as Lesley Smith) turned fiction writer who lives in Norfolk with her cats and guide dog.

A longer bio:

A former freelance games journalist (writing as Lesley Smith) who includes Future PLC and The Guardian amongst her credits, Asha Bardon now writes science fiction and fantasy full time. She lives in a small market town with her menagerie of cats and guide dog. When not writing, she loves to bake, is a keen archer and Instagrammer.

The whole kit and caboodle:

Counting The Guardian and Future PLC amongst myriad clients, Asha Bardon (writing as Lesley Smith) worked as a freelance journalist for nearly a decade covering a range of subjects from Japan to Her job–which was, frankly, awesome–saw her traveling everywhere from Japan and San Diego Comic Con International to London and Paris in search of interviewees, stories and mayhem.

She officially retired from the industry in 2012 and has been writing full-time ever since, having published two novels and numerous short stories. She lives in the small Norfolk town of Dereham with her three cats.

When not writing, Asha can be found scouring Norwich for inspiration, she also counts computer games, baking, archery, travel and photography amongst her hobbies. She can be found on Twitter (as @ashabardon) and spends way too much time on the internet.