Westworld: Opening Thoughts


I’ve managed to get totally hooked on HBO’s new series Westworld. I didn’t mean to; I hate westerns, they bore me. But this, this is something different, something else. This is an exploration of awareness and life, whether it’s biological or mechanical. The whole thing smacks of layered, non-linear narrative. This is a different kind of storytelling and now, nearly half way into Season One, I’m looking forward to each episode and seeing more on each rewatch.

This is deep stuff. On multiple levels. This isn’t just a western, this is more, much more.

The cinematography is gorgeous, the line up of actors superb. Hell, even the tiniest details like the choice of clothing, the transition from super-modern world to the Park itself and the white/black and good/evil dichotomy. I’m loving the Man in Black as well, off on his quest to find a maze, one of the park’s biggest mysteries. Indeed, while we can assume the Park is on another planet, it’s not clear where or even which century this is set in. Delos, the corporation from the original movie, has been mentioned but it’s not clear (aside from ‘an incident’ thirty years ago) if this series is even set in the same universe as said movie.

I’m really looking forward to how this is going to pan out. Especially as, even though a second series has yet to be green lit, it’s practically guaranteed to happen.

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