Into Darkness, We Willingly Walked

This is the area where I live. That yellow bit is Norwich.

I voted in. I voted to stay.

All that blue? That’s ‘leave’. That yellow spot is ‘remain’ and it’s also the city of Norwich.

Well done Norfolk, well done Suffolk, well done Cambridgeshire.

Right now I’m ashamed to be British (and I don’t normally give a flying fuck about politics).

This morning Nigel Farage admitted he lied about the biggest promise of his ‘leave’ campaign. The pound plummeted for the first time in years. Then our Prime Minister (whom I have zero love for) quit, leaving no plans for electing his replacement other than calling an election in the Autumn.

Oh and those souls who voted ‘leave’, they’re now having voters’ remorse because they were lied to, because they didn’t know how to vote. Because they forgot that staying in the EU offers more options than it does quitting.

Oh and the smart people of London want it to ceed and become a city-state. Can we do that in Norwich too?

Today my friends have been worrying about their right to remain or even if they want to. Scotland is calling a referendum because they all voted to stay but because they’re a part of the UK, were forced to go with the Referendum’s results. Now they want to quit; I want to move up there.

Today is truly Black Friday.

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