The Music of the Spheres: A Dalliance of Prose


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A couple of years ago, I got to beta read the awesome novel Eleanor by Jason Gurley. Twice. Seriously, you should totally go and buy a copy, it has the most beautiful cover, whether you get the UK or US version. Once it was a trilogy and that was when I fell in love with Jason’s cover design and decided he would be the one to create the covers for my own trilogy, The Changing of the Sun.

But it also inspired me to write something else.

I was at college at the time, doing a creative writing course. Oh and I was getting distinctions, like a record-breaking number of them. To be fair, I had twenty four years on most of my classmates in terms of practice. I was bored and going back to school gave me something to focus on, and a hell of a lot of stress.

But I also had this idea, started sketching out not a chapter but a precis for the arrival of an alien race who communicate via music, who have learned to manipulate reality by changing the core melodies of the universe. All through the eyes of a deaf young woman named Sophie. On the other side, in another time, are two aliens, a mother and her son from the world of Parthi. Jaithiri, the Soloist of Peace, is a retiring diplomat offered a place as part of the mysterious Chorus. Her son, Raathi, is left with a mystery of her disappearance and her research into a dead planet. At the same time, he dreams of a girl who doesn’t look like any known species, though he finds her kind in Jaithiri’s notes and the mysterious point in history simply called Before.

The tenses for this are fun; third person present. Oh and I’m writing it in a font called Cochin which is reminiscent of the way I was taught to write cursive as a child. Note the old-fashioned way of writing s. This was how my old-school teacher, Mrs Askham, instructed me in writing ‘properly’ long before the computer keyboard and shiny fonts:

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Sophie herself ‘speaks’ in italics, as above, without quotation marks. She signs, though she can speak. She prefers to do so only in the company of her cat and her close family. I’m still not exactly sure how Sophie’s story meshes with Raathi and Jaithiri, only that the Chorus is involved. I’m also pitching this as a young adult romance, a stand-alone story, that has a dream-like quality.

I’m writing the ‘alien’ bits first but it’s fun as I know very little about music and I love the idea that music can shape the world and transform the universe.

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