Read The Elissiad Now for just 99¢!

My short story from Alt.History 102 is now available as a standalone for the reasonable price of 99¢/p.

“The Elissiad” is set in another version of Earth where Rome fell to Hannibal and a stranded alien ship appeared above the ancient city of Carthage. It’s my first foray into alternative history and I couldn’t have done it without three years of Classics.

Here’s the synopsis:

What if Hannibal Barca and his elephants crossed the Alps and destroyed Rome? What if Carthage became a new Eternal City but with the bread and without the circuses? 

Now the city is home to two aliens stranded on Earth who have adopted the personas of the native gods in order to repair their vessel—while accidentally uplifting humanity in the process.

Welcome to the day Carthage learns the truth about their ‘gods’.

You can pick a copy now on Amazon.

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