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I’m thinking on a Patreon. I have lots of short stories and could really use the money, even if it’s nothing more than coppers. Some of the stories are stand-alones I’ve simply not been able to sell, other as Ashteraiverse stories and I find myself in need of an outlet, even though, in the past, I’ve never had much luck with Patreon.

Now though, thanks to several anthologies, I’m starting to get a name for myself and I am, sadly, broke. I hate being reliant on the state and I’m just too disabled/sick to even look at jobs (not that anyone will employ me). I certainly have no desire to go back to work full time, I just can’t do it. But crowdfunding, it offers something else that continues to intrigue me, especially if I post stories which is a nice and easy thing to do.

The trick is the followers, the people. I am going to try this as an experiment, spend the weekend updating the page. Even if I get a dollar a month from one person, it’s certainly better than nothing, right?

Edit: You can check out my Patreon by going to

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