Every Heart a Doorway: A Review


I’ve been waiting for Seanan McGuire’s latest for a while. I loved her short story “Crystal Halloway and the Forgotten Passage” and Every Heart A Doorway is almost an extension of that tale, focusing on the children who came home and wished they’d stayed. I bought this novella—which is what this is, really—via Audible and it was five hours I’m so glad to spend in a magical world, sort of like Hogwarts but with High Nonsense instead of magic. I wanted to visit Nancy’s world, the Land of the Dead, where Persephone ate pomegranate seeds and the darkness is spotted by stars.

Published by Tor.com, this is not a novel, rather it’s one of several tales which are transcending the boundaries, welcoming shorter fiction into accepted society. Before Tor, everything had to be a novel but this story is perfectly paced. I’m a huge fan, freely admitted, of Seanan’s other fiction, especially her Mira Grant persona (hell, Uni and I, well Lesley, died in one of her stories; that’s how much of a fan I am).

The audiobook, my preferred medium, was beautiful. Perfectly narrated and leaving me wanting more … even though the stort stands-alone quite perfectly. It’s a beautiful work, mixing special children with the grief that comes from growing up. I adore it; and all the broken hearts that come with it. So many children visit other worlds but being forced to grow up is another kind of torture.

Seriously, you owe it to yourself to read this, right now.

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