New Project Alert: “Ash Seeketh Ember: The Lore of Dark Souls III”

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So I got bored over the weekend and dived into Dark Souls III livestreams (I found one by a nice kid called Yusha who put up wth the weird gaijin woman cheering from the sidelines) and decided, sod it, there are no answers so I need to find them. This is typical of Aspie Me and I’ve not had a game to obsess over since Bloodborne. Bipolar Me just started wondering if I was manic (I don’t think so) though I do want to spend lots of time writing this thing. That’s inspiration, not mania.

That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

A while ago a nice chap called Redgrave made the Bloodborne crowd super happy by writing what amounted to a dissertation on the game called The Paleblood  Hunt (you can go download it here), it’s basically become the seminal work on the game’s lore, often cited by anyone who takes these things seriously. Like me. I first came across it watching Aegon of Astora’s epic lore-through and wished I’d had the mind to do that myself.

Then Dark Souls III came out and … well … I called shotgun.

It’s 100% unofficial, based on the various streams I’ve been watching and something I’ve decided to do, mostly, for my own amusement.

I’ve been wanting to do a non-fiction project for a while. Journalist Me misses journalism (not the people, the atmosphere or the crap pay, just the writing) and Dark Souls III really does interest me from my scholarly bent as a theologian and professional worldbuilder. I love how the world is there but you’re left to discern the story for yourself via dialogue, item description and the power of your own brain.

It’s a lot of work but the game isn’t out for another fortnight … and the entire thing has been leaked onto the internet via the power of YouTube. Plenty of time. Right? Oh and I announced it on Reddit, gave folks a sampling of my localisation bit where I talked about the etymology of one of the major characters and how the Japanese name was closer to the true soul of the character than the English and they liked it.

I’m not sure how long it will be, a decent length though as there is a lot of lore, from NPCs to locations to cover. I’m confident it’s going to be good and a nice change to fiction for once, even though the byline will remain Asha Bardon.

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