Mission Statement (March 2016)


This is an updated version of a post I published on my original site which, as I’m now Asha, deserved to be reposted and updated to reflect my new persona.

Susan Kaye Quinn has written an awesome book, The Indie Author Survival Guide, which I recommend to all my own mentees and she’s now writing the third edition of. I got chatting to Susan last year because my problem isn’t the writing, outside of my Kickstarter campaigns and giving books away for free while they were free on KDP Select, I have a horrible time selling them. The covers are gorgeous, the editing top notch but shifting copies is hard, particularly in paperback. Yet, as she kindly reminded me, there’s a difference between publishing books and running a business.

For example, I was able to give away over 500 copies via freebies/Kickstarter which means people are reading my books. I don’t write for the money, rather I do it for the stories and the love of getting them from my head into people’s hands.

Susan asked me if I’d done a Mission Statement, which is one of the exercises she outlines in her books. I hadn’t but I decided to do it and now I’m updating it. The exercise is still useful as it clarifies your desires and becomes a reminder of what you want to achieve that you can amend as needed.

So without further ado:

Mission statement (2.0)

I want to use my skills from ten years of journalism, my innate curiosity and desire to question to write short and long form projects focusing on sci fi, fantasy and speculative fiction. I want to establish a multiverse which includes elements of the above and binds novels, serials and short stories together into a cohesive whole but also explore new forms of writing and standalones which are of high enough quality to be submitted to anthologies and magazines.

Most importantly, I would like to get stories out there. This is not about money but rather about establishing a fanbase and a dialogue with people who enjoy reading my work. I will continue using Kickstarter and Patreon as these seem to be good ways to engage but also ensure funding goals are met which will allow me to publish several novels/serials/shorts per year.

I would like write at least one short story per month on top of any other projects and submit it to one of a number of my favourite short fiction markets (Lightspeed, Uncanny, BCS etc) in the hope of making a sale. The more stories, the more chances and the odds might be low but they are worth it.

Due to my health and disabilities, I might not be able to teach professionally but I would still like to help new writers on their journey, to mentor people so they don’t have to make the mistakes I did and help push the idea that if you’re going to publish, then make sure you do it well. I want to inspire other people and prove that anyone can be an author but that doing it well will only help their careers.

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