Lightspeed and Uncanny Magazine Announce People with Disabilities Destroy SF!

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This makes me squee so hard, I just gave myself heartburn.


(X) Destroy SF/Fantasy/Horror is one of my favourite Kickstarter projects to back. I’ve done so for every issue and was quietly wondering, nay hoping, that Disabilities might be on the upcoming list. I missed the submission for Queer, I’m a white writer so PoC was out, and being disabled, well it’s my very definition (thanks blindness, bipolar, brain damage etc). I’m practically champing at the bit at the very idea that, next year, there will be an open submission period that I can answer with a story.

It excites me.

Surprisingly, I don’t write many stories about disabled characters (though I do have some) and I’m in the middle of reworking “The Mystic of Room 316” which deals directly with mental illness and is set in an Atridian mental institution (though it’s a very stand-alone Ashteraiverse story). Ditto “108 Hours” which follows a war veteran with PTSD who hid from the draft in a war and is now stuck in a decimated city post-war with aliens with a little girl called Grace.

I’m so pleased that Uncanny, one of my favourite magazines, will be taking over the mantle. I love them and the magazine is on my Short Story Bingo Card as somewhere I’d love to see my name on the cover. The chance, oh it’s an enchanting thing, ripe with possibility and the promise of being able to try. I know the call isn’t until next year but I know it’s coming, it’s on my radar, and I’m going to give it everything I’ve got.

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