Short Story Sale: “One Quiet Night”!

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I’m pleased to announce I’ve sold “One Quiet Night” To Kim Wells and Pavarti Tyler’s Independent Women AnthologyMosaics: Vol 2! This is my second sale of 2016 and I’m so pleased to have been able to sell it.

I wrote this late last year, having had the title sitting on a blank file. The title comes from a card in a board game that Shannon brought with her when she first came over from Canada. The name sat with me and I wondered how a mother would react to the end of the world, caused by a pandemic which was going to take the life of one of her children.

This, BTW, is awsome and came up on Submission Grinder when I noted the acceptance:

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The story is not a long one, it’s just under 3k, but it’s one of my second person tales. You take the narrative role of a mother who will do anything to save her children on the night that humanity ends. I enjoyed writing it, the editors of the anthology loved it so hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it.

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