New Short Story: “The Ending of the Endless Age”

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This is one of my older stories, begun during Cat Rambo’s awesome F&SF class. It’s a story about a broken universe where the people within it can change the number of suns, affect the weather and are unable to die. Children are born, can grow to adulthood but eventually everyone, either through their own direction or the pressure placed upon them by others, becomes what amounts to an ancient living corpse, hidden from the view of the living in catacombs beneath the capital or in caves away from settlements.

But this isn’t all about death. The story follows a princess and storyteller called Aerei who has returned to the palace for her elder sister’s wedding. When she hears horror stories about shadows in the northern lands attacking people and causing a kind of sleeping sickness.

Cat loved the title and “The Ending of the Endless Age” got my props from my classmates for the language and certain sentences like:

He was dressed in smart clothes with polished buttons and crisp lines, his hair was nearly as long as her own and wrangled back into a long plaited tail that rested between his shoulders, dark as polished wood and just as fine.

But it also needed reworking.

I changed a couple of scenes around and the flow works much better now. It begins with a wedding and ends with a death, which has a finer flow to it, a natural progression which aids in the storyline. It’s also an origin story but I didn’t want that to be obvious, it’s stand-alone and sits well without you ever having to know it connects elsewhere. But, if you’re smart and read my stuff, you’ll find Aerei’s name elsewhere and notice the parallels between characters.

The story is now resting while I wait for a rejection which will allow me to send it out to a certain market. Cat loved this story, my class loved this story, I think this is something that should be easy enough to place. It’s just a matter of sending out and waiting to see.

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