Let’s Talk About Deadpool


  • The opening credits were hilarious (and meta), ditto the look of them and the slow pull out to reveal a much bigger picture.
  • Heheh, Wolverine’s origin movie call back. Also Australian accents.
  • The ‘twelve bullets’ scene was beautifully shot.
  • The first ten minutes of the movie is basically the trailers.
  • This movie has definitely reached peak hype.
  • Wow there are a lot of bad words.
  • My inner ten year old boy (WTF?) sniggered. A lot.
  • I love the reference to Charles Xavier, both the McAvoy and Stewart alliterations.
  • Ditto the ‘hey we could only afford two, minor, X Men for this movie’.
  • Oh the geekery!
  • Abusive childhoods used to find out who had the worst experience.
  • Blind jokes which are actually funny and a disabled character who doesn’t let Deadpool take the piss.
  • Deadpool’s vanity re his face wasn’t a convincing reason to avoid his hot girlfriend.
  • Colossus monologuing. Seriously.
  • The happy ending, abuse of Careless Whispers.

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