Archery: 200 in 24 Arrows


I’ve been doing archery for something like three years now, it’s the sole sport I do regularly and will literally reschedule anything to do. Recently though the numbers have fallen meaning only me and my friend Mhairi go each month, even worse the charity which runs the classes has cut them down from monthly to bimonthly (a death-knell for sure) which just makes me sad.

Anyway, Mhairi is more hardcore than me. She has a kickarse bow and goes to weekly classes in the city, I don’t have that option but we’ve recently decided to mix things up, because both of us are good, by scoring. We have a two hour slot which gives us time, bar nattering and coffee, to shoot around 24-36 arrows.

You can see my ‘grouping’ of arrows above, normally it’s pretty consistant and, granted, I use a larger target. However, I’m at the point where I can shoot gold three times out of four (which has me impressed as I’ve only got around seventy hours of practice under my belt). At this point shooting has become automatic; I know just how to do it to get golds and today there was a point where I actually had more points than my much more experienced and blinder friend.

Today I hit 200 points during the course of firing 24 arrows.

This is, so I’m told, a significant thing and worthy of some acclaim.

Go me!


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