Writing on the Move


I’m somewhat infamous for working out of my local Starbucks. It has warmth, WiFi, coffee on tap and baristas who adore my canine companion (aka entertaining her while I try to write). Plus my anxiety means I find home … well, while it’s my sanctuary, I feel trapped while there so would rather surround myself with people who exist but whom I don’t need to talk to. Plus Uni gets so much fuss that I am all but ignored. I’m a self-confessed introvert, spending too much time in my own company, it’s not great for my mental health. I need to be out in the world and Starbucks is the perfect place as I can work but also be surrounded by people.

The big problem for me is the combination of my eyesight and hunching.

Seriously, there was a point when my local Starbucks had these couch like sofas and they were low so I could get them to move a normal-height table. I looked off  but it was comfortable. Now they have one long bunkette which is great for my back but raised me so I’m back looking down on my computer screen. Oh and I have reading glasses which I sorta need to use.

So I backed Roost on Kickstarter and I was overjoyed with the result. I still have to wear my reading glasses but the screen is now on a comparative level with my eyeline and much more comfortable as a result. My MacBook Air is now positioned in a way which means, with pages zoomed in, I can work comfortably enough. People have actually come up to me an enquired about my awesome bit of kit (my Starbucks attracts a lot of patrons and their laptops).

Oh and I can appreciate the awesome Sailor Moon stickers decorating the inside 😀

I bought myself a new backpack this week as well. The only downside to the Roost was the case for my keyboard, mouse etc (which is awesome as it contains everything from a lightening cable to the Roost itself) was almost too big for my previous, well used, backpack (an Incase model I got when I first bought my MacBook Pro). This one has pockets galore, a mesh on either side so I finally have somewhere to stash my mug/Klean Kanteen (this was a stupidly important thing in a new backpack) and so much room. Oh and I can fit Uni’s crap (her ragger, bowl, vet book) in there as well.

Aspie Me likes having everything I need, from medication through to my electronics. It’s also been raining a lot recently (to the point where the prevous backpack just got sodden, dripping water right down my back). I accept no backpack is waterproof but this one seems to have a better shot and being able to carry my stuff is a bonus; I feel … naked without my computer, my diary … (I’m a Passion Planner Ambassador and bought a smaller compact version last year because my bag was too small for the A4 version).

Basically this means I can now tackle the world and the bag/contents feels heavy but I’m used to carrying weight on my back (it’s the easiest way when you have a guide dog/cane). This set up feels natural and has already saved my MBA from coffee spillage so the Roost is earning it’s keep already.

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