Happy Book Birthday: Alt.History 102



Alt.History 102 is now live on Amazon and you can purchase it for just 99¢/£0.99!

“The Elissiad” is my first foray into alternate fiction and my second Future Chronicles title (even if it’s my first under my new persona). Having never written this genre before it’s inspired me to write more historical fiction in the form of a short stort set in Meiji-era Japan called “Irezumi” (though whether this story becomes alternate remains to be seen).

But this story of love and death in Carthage, it couldn’t have been written without three years of emersion in ancient Greece and Rome, or my degree in Theology and Religious Studies. It’s my eulogy to my previous self and the opening gambit in my new career.

Oh and I did an interview about the story for Will Swardstrom which you can read here.

So come and explore ancient Carthage during it’s impossible Golden Age. I’d love to know what you think of it!

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