New Short Story: “Le Cirque de la Nuit”


Part of my goals for this year is to write more/better short stories. This is a relatively new medium for me and much harder than novels. This was also my first short story written as Asha Bardon. I know it’s cliched but I had a dream a week or so ago which spawned the idea for this story, started formulating it on the bus into Norwich, sat down with my first coffee of the morning and sketched out the storyline as per Mary’s class then began to write.

I finished it late last Tuesday night, after going to Zumba (which really helps me as it distracts my brain enough to untangle plot holes).

Today I revised the draft, added stuff, dotted the is and added a sneaky Bowie reference. Now I’ve sent it out into the wilds to a market which might like it (my first and second choices being closed to submissions :(). That said, I’m not expecting a first time sale but it feels great to have stories out there, in some editor’s pile waiting to be read.

But, mainly because I planned out the story from it’s entirely from the post-apocalyptic setting to the Night Circus, when I wrote “Le Cirque de la Nuit” I felt I didn’t have to hurry to get it all down before I forget and so could enjoy the process of actually writing a first draft which is a new experience for me. I like it. I had a roadmap and didn’t once feel lost, in fact I think this story inherently tighter just because of the plotting.

So now things can get interesting.

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